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How to Make Yoga an Integral Part of Your Everyday Routine


Just like any other exercise, yoga takes a bit of habitual training to see the benefits (some of which include an improved immune system and better mood). Though getting into the habit of practicing yoga will require time and patience, the benefits are beyond worth it. Both internally and externally, yoga will give you peace of mind and improved physical health.


While it’s important to maintain a schedule to practice yoga regularly, it’s also important to allow spontaneity in your schedule. Yoga should never be a punishment or something that you dwell on; it should be a practice that lifts your spirits and helps you recenter. By sticking to a rigid schedule, the “go with the flow” aspect of yoga is taken away and can make you more stressed than intended.


Practice yoga when you want to, as often as you can, and you should get into a habit of wanting to do yoga regularly. Follow these tips to get on track for becoming a regular yoga participant! 


  1. Create a space where you can practice yoga 

According to House Method, one easy way to make yoga an integral part of your everyday routine is by creating a space in your home that’s conducive to this type of flow. By having a space that’s purely reserved for yoga and mindful thinking, you’re giving yourself the perfect environment and gateway to practice habitually.


  1. Reserve 10–15 minutes a day for practice

We’re all busy people, but by setting aside short periods every day for yoga, you will give yourself more opportunities and time to practice. Once you get in the habit of scheduling just 10–15 minutes, you can increase the time to 15–20 minutes and so on until you feel like you’re getting the most out of your routine. 


  1. Make a schedule that excites you

Yoga comes in many different styles, asanas, and flows. You can do an upbeat yoga routine, a pure stretching session, a harder pilates-style class, or even a simple, relaxation flow. By mixing up your routine, this will prevent you from getting bored and make your exercise more exciting.


  1. Perform exercises at work or in the car

Though practicing yoga in this way may not encompass an entire flow, it’s still a good way to warm your body up and keep practicing while doing other important tasks. A seated twist, shoulder and neck rolls, and cat-cow stretches are all poses you can do while you’re seated. This can help loosen up your muscles, improve flexibility, and give you slightly more energy during the day.


  1. Make yoga social 

While yoga can be a good practice to do alone, sometimes going to a class may be an exciting way to do two activities at once. If you have plans to meet with friends one night but haven't done yoga in a few days, you could all go to a yoga class together. This is a great way to connect to others and get your daily yoga practice.

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