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How Yoga Helps You To Stay Healthy

A lot of people today are becoming more drawn to yoga. Aside from its benefits to the mind and soul, it also offers a lot of wonders to the human body. In fact, many are considering yoga as the most all-inclusive practice and exercise that helps individuals in all aspects of their health and wellness.

The Origin of Yoga

Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root word, yuj, which means “union.” It is basically the union between the individual consciousness and universal consciousness that when placed in “perfect harmony,” it will bring the ideal balance between the mind and body, thus, man and its nature.

As per Yogic scriptures, yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices that started in Ancient India. Many are convinced that the origin came at the “very dawn” of civilization. While the very start of the practice remains argumentative and debatable, experts have been tracing its “fertile development” between 500 B.C. and 800 A.D.

The Essence and Importance of Yoga

The essence and focal point of yoga are “far-reaching.” Although many perceive yoga as a fitness and health practice to promote a healthier lifestyle, Yogis take yoga as a discipline about “harmonizing” one’s self with the universe. Accordingly, it aligns the “individual geometry” with that of the cosmic, this, reaching the highest level of comprehension, perception, and dimension.

It is worth noting that yoga does not adhere to any religion, community, or belief system. It is also not a practice mainly for improving physical health. Even so, yoga still has a lot of benefits to the physical body. This is why experts and scholars take yoga as a very helpful tool in becoming and staying healthy, and living a healthy life.

Benefits of Yoga In Physical Health

As mentioned, there are a lot of great and wonderful things that yoga can do for one’s physical health. And if you want to know more about it, here are some of the apparent benefits that yoga can do for your overall health:

  • Helps Lose Weight

Yoga can help you lose weight. As it happens, you will no longer need a doctor who prescribes phentermine as you can already lose weight just by doing the practice regularly.

In just about an hour or less of yoga, you can already burn 200 to 300 calories. Although, it may vary depending on the type of yoga.

  • Improves Strength and Flexibility

Flexibility and strength are some of the things that you will primarily learn and improve when you start doing yoga. And these factors are very essential to your health. This is because when you are strong and flexible enough, you can pretty much prevent accidents and injuries in your daily living.

  • Eases Stress

Yoga is found to be very effective in relieving stress. Aside from the fact that mindfulness is part of the routines, yoga is also a form of exercise that naturally reduces the production of stress hormones. 

This is why you will feel much better, lighter, and happier after indulging in a session of yoga.

  • Improves Concentration

Aside from strength and flexibility, focus and concentration are also enhanced just by doing yoga regularly. And when you boost these factors, it will be very beneficial for your health.

The reason being is that you can be more mindful of everything that you do. Also, it will be much easier on your end to be pretty picky in terms of taking good care of yourself.

  •  Toned Muscles

As mentioned, yoga is also a form of exercise. While its goal is not mainly designed for toning muscles and improving physical features, the routines and positions in every session of yoga help tone muscles and enhance your overall figure.

  • Protects Spine

Yoga is found to help relieve and treat back pain. This is because the practice itself requires a neutral spine, which then trains the spine to be in its proper form at all times. As a result, it does not only help you with your conditions but, it can also protect your spine and core.  

  • Improves Bone Health

According to studies, yoga strengthens bones and bone structure. This is because, in every position and pose, it will require enough and sufficient strength in muscles and bones to perform the pose properly. So, in the long run, it trains your muscles, joints, and bones, thus, enhancing the states.

  • Increases Blood Flow

Just like any exercise and workout routine, yoga can effectively increase blood circulation. The reason behind this is that every pose and position requires movement flows that encourage proper blood flow and circulation throughout the body.

  • Boosts Immunity

Psychological stress is one of the perceived factors as to why individuals obtain diseases and illnesses. As it happens, stress can weaken the immune system, which is the main barrier of the body from diseases.

But, thankfully, yoga effectively eliminates stress and promotes better mental and psychological states. Accordingly, immunity can be boosted and inflammation can be decreased.


Start Yoga Today

All in all, there are a lot of reasons why you need to start yoga today. But, if you are more particular with the physical health basis and reasons, then these points may help and convince you that you need yoga in your lifestyle, especially if you want to be much healthier.

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