This week's installment comes from first-time guest author, Jessica Mcfly discussing CBD and your skin! Read more below for ideas to get that healthy glow.


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3 Best Ways To Consume CBD Seeds For Healthy Skin

CBD seeds, as the name suggests, are seeds that contain Cannabidiol (CBD), which is one of the active components of Cannabis. Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive compound that has beneficial actions on the body. Due to it not being psychoactive, it will not give you a feeling of high when consumed. CBD seeds are also highly nutritious containing proper amounts of essential fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, and minerals that your body depends on for its functioning. Their consumption can help boost overall health and immunity if the body. 


So how do CBD seeds help maintain healthy skin? CBD seeds contain Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which help form integral compounds involved in cell membranes. Supplementing yourself with these fatty acids leads to better cell membranes. This effect culminates in having softer and smoother skin. Vitamins and Minerals like Iron can help increase blood flow and nourishment, which could help make the skin look and feel better. 


Now that we’ve discussed how it can benefit the skin let us discuss in detail how to consume CBD seeds in three best ways for healthy skin.


1. Eat them whole

Yes, you read that, right! You can eat CBD seeds just the way you would consume any other seeds and pulses. Creative and different ways of consuming them are also preferred by many. One could add it on top of your smoothies or protein shakes to provide a contrasting texture.

You could also try blending it with other forms of milk like almond or soy milk to give it a nutty texture, use them in place of breadcrumbs or try and slightly toast them. Toasted seeds naturally have a different flavor, but some prefer consuming them in combination with the raw seeds as well. Toasted seeds also go very well with greens and stir fry themed dishes. You could use them as an additional topping for salads providing a much necessary contrast in both texture and taste when compared to greens.


2. Seed oils 

Seed oils are oils rich in CBD extracted from CBD seeds. Although one disadvantage is that they cannot tolerate high heat and often evaporate away, this break down the omega fatty acids and drastically reduces the overall nutritional value of the oil as a whole. Hence, one recommends that you use this toward the end of the cooking process to finish off the final part of cooking.

Seed oils can also be directly used as salad dressings to elevate your salad just that one step further. If you still feel creative, you could use it to make coffee or tea infused with the oil. This makes consumption easier than it usually is. It is also consumed directly by using a dropper and placing a few drops under the tongue. Apart from oral consumption, the oil is also applied topically to the skin, hair, nails, as well as areas of pain like painful joints due to it having an anti-inflammatory effect.

It also nourishes the areas where it has been applied, leading to soft and supple skin or healthier hair. Topical use must involve care and precaution to avoid any adverse reactions. Always test any product on a small patch of skin near the target area to make sure there are no adverse effects.

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3. Edibles

Cannabis concentrates have always been used to make edibles. An edible is any food product or food article that has been infused with any form of cannabis extract. You can make a wide range of edibles ranging from cannabis butter to cannabis brownies. This can make consuming easier as it allows you to carry them for consumption on-the-go. You could also infuse oil into different drinks to make drinkables that serve the same function as edibles.

Making different drinkables and edibles would give you the option of creating different combinations to try out. Just exercise sufficient caution while consuming combinations. While consuming CBD seeds, always look for the variants and their potency. Each seed differs from the others.

Some standard options include OG Kush famous for its fragrance, Dina med CBD plus, which is well known for having the highest CBD content. Another option can be Early Amnesia CBD, which has very high productivity and many others. Once you assess all the available options, figure out which set of seeds are suitable for your requirements. Another word of caution that needs full attention while consuming edibles is to make sure you know the dosage that you are consuming at all times.

Being aware of this will help you see the limit and when to stop. Most edibles are made to be multiple doses so that you don’t reach the threshold with just one edible. However, it is safe to check before you consume any. It is always recommended to consult a dermatologist or a Holistic cannabis practitioner to be on the safer side. One should also undergo a systematic diagnosis before taking up CBD-based hair treatment. All in all, to what extent the consumption of CBD can reinforce one to maintain healthy skin may vary.



To what extent CBD seeds help reinforce the efforts for a healthy skin might vary from person to person. However, without any downsides, CBD seeds have vast potential in the prospect of large scale skin products which are coming up in the market these days. Alas, with the means as mentioned above, CBD has shown promise to help you lead a better life. 






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