A Few Words from Our Yoga Clients

A Miracle to My Broken Body

After five spinal surgeries, I was hunched over and barely able to walk.  The compassionate teachers at Cambio Yoga (Restorative Yoga) gently accomodated my disabilities and, after a few brief months, I am standing straighter than most 63 year old men, a full 3" taller.  I like that the very low tuition doesn't strain my fixed income.  Cambio Yoga has gifted me with a decade or more of extended life, and so much more functional than my formerly broken self.  God bless the instructors at Cambio Yoga, you are the best.

Bill Romansky

Found it

Cambio is not only an incredible yoga studio, but a place where one can find their inner self and truly blossom. They can seek out the unique style of practice he/she may enjoy in a safe, loving environment.  Love the people, community, and studio as a whole! 

Michael Tolooee

The Ukelele and song topped it off!

I was so happy to be able to attend Amanda's 10:30 Friday class this week. It was a snowy morning and just a perfect class to feel my heat and to be affirmed that it was a good place to be. In all, the class was amazing and the variety of poses and smoothness of transitions was stimulating. Plus, the verbal cues and assists were very helpful! And to top it off during our last few minutes, we could relax and rest with the lovely voice and playing of Ukelele by Amanda...very peaceful song..thank you! I hope to attend your first workshop coming up!

Ann Mandico

A Special Thanks

I am fairly new to the yoga practice and was very skeptical of the practice initially. When a friend invited me to go, I was incredibly nervous and unsure if I wanted to commit. The staff at Cambio helped me ease into yoga and remain patient with me. Being a larger guy, I was terribly nervous that I would stand out in a room of nice physique but I soon discovered that it was nothing to be concerned about because the staff treats everyone fairly and equally, regardless of shape or size, veteran or rookie. I'm very thankful for that, but I'm even more thankful that this patience and support has continued and I have grown to love yoga. Because of the support from the staff each and every time, I have continued to go (although, not as frequently as I'd like). No matter the type of yoga, the staff is always so supportive and generous in adjustments and modifications. Yoga has given me such an appreciation for my body and the strength I possess both mentally and physically, a conclusion I...

Alex Baker

Full of Gratitude!

My younger sister struggles with bi-polar disorder which means she fluxuates between manic (frantic "high") and depressive (heavy "low") moods. Tonight, she told me she was feeling anxious and depressed, even crying before we went to Meg's Vinyasa class together. Afterword, there was a noted shift in her attitude. She was smiling, goofy, and bought my mom her favorite donughts on our way home, just becuase! I want to let you know that your love, encouragement, and joy reaches out way past the confines of the yoga studio. Cambio's vibes are affecting this community in such a great way and I'm so thankful to witness it.

Kara Nosal

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Yoga is a way of life and should be accessible to all.



Community is important. Everyone is a valuable member and we are here to serve our community.



Everyone is perfect just as they are. Everyone has their own path and is at a different point in life.



From physical abilities to beliefs, everyone is at the right place at the right time.

























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