• 4 Phases of Mind in Yoga History Satsang w/ Austin Richman

    people sitting in yoga studio in a circle

    In this live recording form Cambio Yoga on February 28th 2019 Austin Richman talks about how the four phases of mind in yoga history are meaningful to us now to help utilize and understand the practices better. Please enjoy this or for more info check out the recent blog or podcast on the same topic.


  • A Short Yoga Nidra Practice w/ Suzanne Mariska Bishop

    A short yoga nidra practice led by Suzanne Mariska Bishop.

  • Cambio Community Kirtan #2

    Cambio Community Kirtan #2 w/ Austin Richman & Suzanne Bishop on 5-6-2017

  • Cambio Community Kirtan #3

    Cambio's 3rd Community Kirtan with Suzanne Mariska Bishop and Austin Richman presented here in its entirety for your listening pleasure!

  • Cambio Community Kirtan #4

    Cambio Community Kirtan #4 from 10-8-2017 with Suzanne Mariska Bishop and Austin Richman

  • Cambio Community Satsang 11-12-17

    In this episode of Yoga Living Project podcast Austin Richman guides an open format satsang with the community members of Cambio Yoga where they discuss how to be grateful for the way in which the practice is supportive, how showing up as your best self allows others to see it within you and encourages them to do the same, and much more.

  • Cambio Community Satsang on History of Yoga w/ Austin Richman 7-17

    This week on the Yoga Living Project Podcast we discuss not only how yoga came to be over the last 5,000 years but also ask some of the deeper questions like: Who are we? Where do we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going?

  • Cambio Community Satsang on The 8 Limbs of Yoga

    Cambio Community Satsang on the 8 Limbs of Yoga

  • Cambio Fall YTT Playlist #1

    During teacher training the trainees all make a playlist. Then we choose a few from each one to make two master playlists, here is the first of two. Enjoy!

  • Cambio Satsang #1 Yamas w/ Austin Richman

    The first Cambio satsang on the yamas. Listen in to learn about how yoga asks us to consider one another.

  • Cambio Satsang #2 w/ Austin Richman: Niyamas

    The niyamas are the sustaining practices for any seeker on the spiritual path. In this discussion we will cover how they relate to our modern life and some practical perspective and application to make sure that as we navigate throughout our life we do not lose ourselves in the hustle and bustle.

  • Cambio Satsang the Subtle Body w/ Austin Richman

    A community discussion about the finer details of yoga's energetics from 5-17-2017

  • Cambio Yoga Podcast: Ayurveda w/ Leslie McWilliams

    A talk with Ayurvedic practitioner Leslie McWilliams about ancient practices of wellness, meditation, following your dharma, and how to find balance in a way that allows you to be yourself.

  • cambio. Yoga Feautured on Local News for Colorado Springs Fitness Week

    Screen Shot of Amber & Austin Richman with Lauren McDonald from Fox21

    The team here at cambio. Yoga were so excited to play host to Fox21 News "Right Now" - a local morning news show - to explain our mission, greet some of our teachers and share some of our favorite things about yoga!


  • Drepung Gomang Monks Chanting and Dharma Talk at Cambio Yoga

    Monks talking to audience

    Please enjoy this live recording of the Tibetan Monks from March 6th, 2019 at Cambio. To check out the Monks while they are still here click this link to view their schedule for the remainder of the weekend.


  • Ecstatic Kirtan w/ Spiritwell at Cambio Yoga on 2-23-19

    Picture of band members

    Please enjoy this live recodring of the Ecstatic Kirtan with Spiritwell at Cambio Yoga on 2-23-19.  Our theme of the night was Return of the Light and our intention was to give the beautiful people who showed up all the chance in the world to feel and express themselves, as you will hear it was pretty lit!




  • Ecstatic Kirtan with Spiritwell at cambio. Yoga on 10/26/19

    photo of Spiritwell band members

    Please enjoy this live recording of the Ecstatic Kirtan with Spiritwell at Cambio Yoga from 10/26/19.  A goal of these events is to create an atmosphere in which you can transcend the ordinary and enter a euphoric experience that is just dang fun. Give it a listen to feel the music, perhaps move your body, and listen deeply. Let us know what you think and send your thoughts and any future blog or podcast ideas to Austin Richman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Ecstatic Wave from December 22nd 2018 at Cambio Yoga

    Outline of man palying drums in laser lit room

    Here is the second onstallment from the Ecstatic Kirtan on December 22nd 2018 at Cambio Yoga. Please enjoy the ecstatic wave. If you enjoy the music you are hearing keep an eye out for new music from Spiritwell inn February 2019!

  • Hands to the Heart Yoga Retreat in Tulum Mexico w/ Lora & Austin

    Few people give themselves the chance to truly unwind from the residual stress of life to seek out what the heart needs be it rest, adventure, reflection, healing...Tulum is a magical place in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico that offers a panacea of paradise and true retreat. Lora and Austin talk why retreats of this nature are so transformational and want to extend the invite to anyone who thinks that they may need a breather in a profoundly beautiful place with, great food and yoga. Visit us at www.handstotheheart.com to learn more!

  • Live Recording of Kirtan with Suzanne Mariska & Kirsten at Cambio Yoga on 9/14/19

    Photo of the Kirtan Musicians playing

    Please enjoy this live recording of the Kirtan with Suzanne Mariska and Kirsten Rambling Roots with friends Angelo Mari & Bobae Barnes at Cambio Yoga from 9/14/19.  More of a traditional kirtan, this night was sprinkled with special acts aimed to sync hearts and vibrations through song. Kirsten and Suzanne have been singing together for over 20 years, and came prepared to serve the cambio. Yoga community. Let us know what you think and keep your eyes peeled for another Kirtan experience with Spiritwell on Saturday, October 26. Do you have something you'd like shared on the blog-sphere? If so, email Austin atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Om: Community Satsang w/ Lora Lantz

    Ever wondered about why we om, what it means or where it comes from. Listen in to hear Lora lantz talk all things Om from history to meaning to how to do it properly...

  • On the Power of Mantra with Amber Richman

    image of Amber Richman

    This quick video is about the power of mantra, how it effects the koshas (our aspects of self), and how it can slow and reverse our samskaras (deeply latent tendencies). Amber and Erika will be beginning a 40 Mantra Meditation Challenge this Friday from 5:45-7:45 followed by a facebook group to track progress, share ideas, and deepen the work.

  • Podcast on The 4 Phases of Yoga History and Why it Matters

    Austin tecahing yoga in park

    In this installment of Yoga Living Project Austin Richman shares a podcast on the 4 phases of yoga history inspired by the writings of Gregor Maehle. If you have dipped your toes in the deep ends of Yoga philosophy and ever wondered how to make hay from any of it this little piece of info just might be the helpful hint you have been waiting for to help you to navigate the depths. We encourage you to listen and read as they both contain some different info so please enjoy and let us know what you think, in fact you will have the perfect opportunity this week as Austin will be holding a community satsang on February 28th, 2019 at 7pm both at Cambio Yoga and on Facebook live. The event is donation based but watching online doesn't cost you anything, but only those in person will have their chance to speak, share and ask questions.


  • What is Ecstatic Kirtan?

    In this episode of Yoga Living Project Austin and Suzanne explain exactly what they have in mind for the Cambio Community Event for December. Why no one should be scared to be heard or seen. How the devotional practice of Bhakti yoga brings more love in to our life, and what happens when we commit to something and discover what lies behind the ego once it has exhausted itself. Also if you ever wondered what samdhi is and ways to experience for yourself this might just be the listen and event for you!

  • YLP Episode # 9 with Liz Nelson of Surf And Turf Sanctuary

    A conversation with Liz Nelson about her and her family's Animal Sanctuary Surf and Turf Sanctuary in Larkspur Colorado.

  • YLP Podcast Episode # 5 Yoga for Vets with Jason Smiley

    A talk with Jason Smiley about PTSD, music, yoga, tattoos and life.  Editor's note:
    When I asked if there is a cure for PTSD and Jason said no and would like to correct that.  "There is no single thing that cures it.  I gave an answer about a pie and how one should investigate all the different therapies.  Although one never gets rid of the actual trauma, technically you can get rid of the stress disorder.  I think I was also answering from the perspective of a patient in the VA health care system, where it is unlikely that you will get rid of either.  Anyway through various modalities of therapy it is technically possible to rid oneself on the stress disorder, not the actual traumatic event.  That part never goes away."

  • YLP Podcast Episode #1: Amber Richman

    Picture of Amber & Austin Richman

    In our first episode Yoga Living Project podcast co-host and owner of cambio yoga studio is interviewed by her brother, co-host, and cohort Austin Richman.

  • YLP Podcast Episode #2: Austin Richman

    Picture of Amber & Austin Richman

    In this episode Amber Richman interviews her brother about working together, music, heartbreak, addiction and the motivation to change.

  • YLP Podcast Episode #3: Randy Richman

    Randy Richman

    Amber & Austin sit down with their Dad to talk all things life, love, and war.

  • YLP Podcast Episode #4: Prenatal Yoga with Kari Kwinn

    A talk about prenatal yoga that goes in all directions Kari Kwinn, which if you know her you know you are in good hands.

  • YLP Podcast Epsiode #6 Adaptive Yoga w/ Morgen Leigh and Allan Baca

    In this episode Morgen and Allan talk about a special type of yoga.

  • YLP Podcast Epsiode #7 Yoga Nidra w/ Suzanne Mariska Bishop

    In this epsiode of Yoga Living Project I chat with Suzanne Mariska Bishop about the meaning, history, purpose, practice, and benefits of Yoga Nidra. For more about the music you heard in this podcast or any of the Yoga Living Project Podcasts check out the music of Spiritwell at www.spiritwellmusic.com

  • YLP with Taryn Sweeney on Hot Yoga

    In this episode of Yoga Living Project Podcast we chat with Taryn Sweeney about why Hot yoga is so special, so special that she thinks you should try it, not just once but at least three times! Lucky for you her Intro to Hot Yoga worlshop is this Saturday from 12-2 at Cambio Yoga!

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