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The 7 Best Online Resources for Senior Health and Well-being

It’s a tired stereotype that seniors and the internet just don’t mix, and one that it’s about time to retire. The internet has enormous potential to be an invaluable source of information and support for seniors, especially when it comes to their health. Whether you’re a senior who’s learning to navigate the online world or whether you want to help out an older loved one, here are some of the best senior health resources to bookmark. 


Senior-Friendly Exercise

Regular exercise is one of the keys to a healthy senior life, and at-home exercise is the most convenient way to do it. However, many seniors worry that unsupervised workouts can be dangerous, especially if they have existing problems with their joints, muscles, or bones.

Senior Exercises Online is a website that features videos specifically designed for at-home senior workouts. There are strength, balance, flexibility, and posture exercises, and everything is clearly explained.

If you want a few more options, YouTube is a great source of senior-friendly workout routines. It’s especially handy for yoga, which has many benefits for seniors, such as reduced anxiety, increased lung capacity, better joint health, and improved stability. Just search “yoga for seniors” to find dozens of safe, simple routines. 


Assisted Living Information

Many seniors require help with everyday activities, while still wanting independence and flexibility. Assisted living is often the best solution, but it’s important to do as much in-depth research as possible before choosing a facility. Housing websites like A Place For Mom offer useful information like reviews and price ranges. For instance, you’ll find that facilities in the Colorado Springs area typically range from $1,895 to $7,800 a month.


Medicare Information

There are countless websites dedicated to explaining Medicare, but your first point of reference should always be the official government website, This is where you will find the most up-do-date, accurate information, as well as enrollment periods and how to manage your care. 


Healthy Recipes

While recipe books will always have their place in our shelves and in our hearts, nowadays the internet is the best and most diverse source of recipes in the world. It can help seniors stick to a healthy diet to achieve better overall health. If you’re not sure where to start looking, Simply Recipes has a huge recipe database, but they are all neatly categorized and tested in-house. You can even search by categories like “budget”, “quick and easy”, and freezer-friendly.” 


Meeting New People Online

The easiest way to meet new people on the internet is to sign up to a forum. SENIORSonly CLUB is one of many forums dedicated to bringing together people over 50. You can make new friends, chat about anything you like, and get advice and recommendations from people like you. Socialization is one of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle in senior years, as it can combat or prevent depression.


Meeting New People Offline

If online friends don’t cut it for you, the internet can make it a lot easier for you to meet people in the real world, too. Meetup is a global platform that allows people to get together over shared interests, with hundreds of groups, workshops, events, and activities to choose from. Try searching for senior meetups in your area, or search by an interest like art, gardening, or museums. 


Overall Information

Finally, if there is one website that every senior should get familiar with, it’s the official AARP page. It’s a great all-rounder for articles and resources on everything to do with senior life, health, and wellbeing. Seniors should also consider becoming AARP members for exclusive benefits like discounts, classes, and community events.

Of course, seniors should remember to stay safe, never trust someone they meet online with important information, and ensure they’re seeking advice from reputable sources. That said, the internet can be one of the most powerful tools at a senior’s disposal when trying to create a healthier lifestyle. Identifying a few reliable and useful websites is the best way to get started for a digital beginner - you can then start exploring from there!


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