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New Yoga Teacher

Finding Your Way as a New Yoga Teacher by Nikki Arnone

This week on YLP guest blogger and resident Cambio teacher Nikki Arnone shares some insights and advice for new teachers. I can say when I first began my teacher training I was unsure of my own ability as a teacher and my self-doubt far exceeded my confidence but as I have seen time and time again leading teacher trainings, when one overcomes these fears they find that teaching right from where they are, not from where they would like to be, will be of service to someone somewhere right where they are. So please enjoy Nikki's deeper reflections on the trials and tribulations that come along with the terrain and as always if you would like to guest blog for YLP contact Austin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cambio Learn and Lounge: Sankalpa & Vikalpa w/ Amber Richman

This video is from a Cambio Learn and Lounge about Sankalpa & Vikalpa with studio owner Amber Richman. It's all about working with the heart's deepest desire to overcome fear and self sabotage.

Ecstatic Kirtan Wave May 12th 2018

We have just finished our first season of Ecstatic Kirtan here at Cambio. If you don't know we have been holding monthly Ecstatic Kirtans accompanied by the live music of Spiritwell (aka resident Cambio Teachers Suzanne Mariska and Austin Richman) where we chant Kirtan for the first hour and then transition into an hour of Ecstatic Dance using the same chants (that's why everyone in this recording knows the chants so well). The music during the Ecstatic Dance portion of the night is known as a wave and we thought this one was extremely special so we wanted to share it here to let you know just how special it was. The Kirtan Portion will be released in the next few weeks so keep an eye out for that too.

Please enjoy and keep an eye out for us to be getting back to offering these after our schedule packed June comes to a close. In the meantime you can catch us at Ohana Kava Bar on June 8th at 7:30 and find out more info at drop by and give us a like why don't you and while you're at it feel free to sign up for our monthly newsletter too! ENJOY & VIBE HIGH!!!!

A Blog on Love by Suzanne Mariska

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word “love”?

What if you think about it for a few moments more? Do you think of different things? People, places, ideas, emotions, activities, spiritual beliefs, symbols, actions?

Love is many things.

Jen Barks in Dancer pose
Jen Barks in Dancer pose

YLP with Jennifer Barks on Beginner Yoga

This week on the Yoga Living Project we talk with one of our most fantastic beginner teachers Jennifer Barks about how to get started in yoga and everything that is entailed from finding the right teacher, to finding the right style of yoga, slowing things way down, and letting yourself have fun! If you have been wanting to try yoga, have been wanting a friend or family member to try or just need inspiration to reboot the beginner's mindset this is the podcast for you. Get that 2018 resolution to get on the mat with more consistency kick-started now!

YLP Short Restorative Yoga Class with Taryn Sweeney

Local Company 7th Floor Vapes has asked our very own Taryn Sweeney to guide a short restorative series highlighting their new essential oil diffuser. It’s an easy sequence that you can do anytime of the day to relax.

YLP with Amber Richman on the Pancha Maya Kosha model

In this Video Amber sits in with YTT alumni to chat about the Pancha Maya Kosha model from the Upanishads. This video was taken from our Biannual Learn & Lounge where graduates and current students of Cambio School of Yoga get together for a 2 part meeting. The first of which is this video where the talk revolves around sadhana, what that is, and how it addresses the means for caring for all five aspects of the individual and of course what those aspects are. The second part of the Learn and Lounge is the lounge part where we sit, chat and eat, sorry that part is not included but please note that the video really gets started at the 14 minute mark so don't worry about rewinding it as it will start there, please share and enjoy!

YLP with Taryn Sweeney on Hot Yoga

In this episode of Yoga Living Project Podcast we chat with Taryn Sweeney about why Hot yoga is so special, so special that she thinks you should try it, not just once but at least three times! Lucky for you her Intro to Hot Yoga worlshop is this Saturday from 12-2 at Cambio Yoga!

What is Ecstatic Kirtan?

In this episode of Yoga Living Project Austin and Suzanne explain exactly what they have in mind for the Cambio Community Event for December. Why no one should be scared to be heard or seen. How the devotional practice of Bhakti yoga brings more love in to our life, and what happens when we commit to something and discover what lies behind the ego once it has exhausted itself. Also if you ever wondered what samdhi is and ways to experience for yourself this might just be the listen and event for you!

Cambio Community Satsang 11-12-17

In this episode of Yoga Living Project podcast Austin Richman guides an open format satsang with the community members of Cambio Yoga where they discuss how to be grateful for the way in which the practice is supportive, how showing up as your best self allows others to see it within you and encourages them to do the same, and much more.

Cambio Fall YTT Playlist #1

During teacher training the trainees all make a playlist. Then we choose a few from each one to make two master playlists, here is the first of two. Enjoy!

Cambio Community Kirtan #4

Cambio Community Kirtan #4 from 10-8-2017 with Suzanne Mariska Bishop and Austin Richman


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